Revolt in Taiwan 2014

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    Crowds Gather In Taipei To Show Support For Hong Kong Pro Democracy Rallies.

    Photo by Ashley Pon

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    攝影之聲 Voices of Photography
    Issue 13 : 抗議、行動與影像 
    Protests, Activism and Images


    在Artist’s Showcase單元,本期由張照堂書寫影像創作者葉清芳的狗眼人生,打開阿芳黃湯揮灑而自由放逐的私密暗箱;而Q單元則專訪著名的日本攝影書設計師町口覺、攝影家瀨戶正人與新加坡國際攝影節創辦人李錦麗,分別就攝影的編輯、創作和展覽進行對話;「台灣攝影史」連載則探查1870年代就在自拍的恆春首任知縣周有基的生平,以及台灣古早相館的命名典故;還有藝評家黃翰荻從鄧南光的鏡頭側寫,一探上世紀女性從20到60年代的歲月風華。



    「餿水牌沙拉油 毒玉米米酒
    飼料牌奶粉 國民黨也要吃
    袋鼠牌牛肉乾 黃樟素沙士
    沒信用合作社 倒楣的小市民

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    Collaboratively penned by Kuo Li-Hsin, Chang Shih-Lun, Lee Wei-I, Liao Wei-Tang, Tomiyama Yukiko, Akira Higashikata, Chihiro Minato, Gu Zheng and Agnès, this issue brings us into the scenes of movements in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Japan. We trace the trails of protest photography and image politics through revisiting the rise of Taiwanese social movements in the 70s, its flourishing in the 80s… all the way to the Sunflower Movement in 2014. At the same time, we look at the development of social movements and protest photography in Hong Kong and Japan, investigating the development of protest photobooks with a focus on the Sanrizuka Conflict, which sparked off large scale protests in Japan in the 60s. Also, we explore the political revolt of image arts from the point of view of Dadaism photomontage. We invited three experienced photographers from the martial laws era —Song Lung-Chuan, Tsai Ming-De and Hsu Tsun-Hsu— to a discussion on their photographs as frontline photojournalists covering street movements. As for the SHOUT insert in this issue, photographer Lam Yik-Fei from Hong Kong presents youth and uncertainty with snapshots taken during the Sunflower Movement in Taiwan this past March.

    In the Artist’s Showcase, Chang Chao-Tang introduces to us the life and works of the late photographer Yeh Ching Fang, allowing us a peek into his personal black box; Q features the well-known Japanese photobook designer Machiguchi Satoshi, photographer Seto Masato and the curator of Singapore International Photography Festival Gwen Lee, who shares with us the design, layout, creation and exhibition of photographs respectively. In the Taiwanese Photography History series, we investigate the naming allusions of early Taiwanese photo studios and the life of the first governer of Heng Chun, Prefect Zhou Youji, who already took selfies way back in 1870s; art critic Huang Han-Di also explores the beauty and elegance of women in 1920s -1960s through the images of Deng Nan-Guang.

    We realized, at this point, that Once again the editorial desk has been again overloaded with a huge amount of reference materials. Night and day, we bury ourselves in the sea of images and documents, examining photographs of battles and the displays of passionate beliefs on the streets, which were drowned time and again by the tides of time and history. Such realization occasionally dampened our fighting spirit, which is —supposedly— strong and relentless.

    In order to boost our spirit, we have made an exception in dedicating a song here: The Ill-fated Citizens from the album The Earth is My Mother (1985) by TC Yang, written by TC Yang and Cai Shirun. After three decades, this song is still relevant and suitable for all ages. 

    "Cooking oil made from leftover food, 
    rice wine made from toxic corn
    Powdered milk made from animal feed, 
    which the KMT themselves all need to eat too
    Beef jerky made from kangaroo meat, root beer with safrole 
    Co-ops with no credit 
    Ill-fated citizens
    We should also sincerely thank them 
    For giving us nuclear power plants
    For one day we won’t need to worry anymore
    As we’ll all go to heaven together”

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    港千尋 / 革命のつくり方: 台湾ひまわり運動─対抗運動の創造性


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  9. 袁廣鳴,《佔領第561小時》[錄像](2014)

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  11. Sarira Huang, Summer Vacation, 2014.

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  15. 「三一八暴民展」

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  17. 暴民画報:島國青年俱樂部

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  23. 「我主張」

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